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Ekip: Ekip

Kaan Ünsal - Founder

Mr. Airush


Kerem Balık - Founder

Kiteboarding Since: 2007

Licensed Instructor Since: 2008

Education: Computer Engineering

Languages: Turkish, English

Sponsors: Slingshot Kiteboarding, Casio G shock


Since quitting his job as a computer engineer in 2007, he pursues the wind and continues to kite in many places around the world. Passionate participated in many contests as a kite'ç of 2009, there has been Turkey's first National Freestyle Kiteboarding athlete. In 2010, Turkey Freestyle Kiteboarding third in 2014, after Turkey as the latter Freestyle Kiteboard Kiteboard TSF Egitmen Instructor Training Courses in the open and new certified instructors are certified trainers ensure that educating TSF.

In 2015, he was a Freestyle referee in the Asian Championship, and in 2017 he was the assistant referee at the Red Bull King of the Air competition. Again championships in Turkey in 2017 and the World Freestyle Championships Freestyle race referee has undertaken the task of refereeing Freestyle intern Turkey feet.

He trained in South Africa, Vietnam, Spain, Philippines, China, Thailand, Venezuela, Egypt, and Indonesia, participated in the races and also worked as a kiteboard instructor in these countries. Although he likes to travel abroad for kiteboard purposes during the winter months, he prefers Urla and Alaçatı as his home.


Erhan Hastürk - Head Instructor

Kiteboarding Since: 2010

Licensed Instructor Since: 2014

Education: HVAC Engineer

Languages: Turkish, English

Erhan learned kiteboarding in Alaçatı and has been chasing the wind ever since. He traveled around the world to ride in different spots. In 2014 he was sponsored for competitions and also became a licensed instructor. He trained and worked in the Philippines and Zanzibar. He lives in Urla and happy to be a part of Kite Club Urla.


Buğra Öklen - Instructor

Kiteboarding Since: 2015

Licensed Instructor Since: 2016

Education: Veterinarian

Languages: Turkish, English


His passion for animals, nature and sports throughout his life came to another point when he met Kiteboard. After 13 years of licensed basketball and 6 years of snowboarding, his interest in water sports increased.

He took part in the founding team of SSBUnion, where universities' Ski and Snowboard teams came together. He was the captain of the Istanbul University Ski & Snowboard team and participated in national races.

He continued his Kiteboard adventure, which he started in Gökçeada and Akyaka in 2015, as Manager and Trainer at Kite Club Urla in 2016.

His curiosity to try new cultures and different spots changed his route to the Philippines in 2017. For three months, he worked as a trainer in Boracay.

In addition to her own initiative, Buğra is currently continuing her doctorate education on Animal Nutrition and Kiteboard trainer.

And there is a message for you :)

'' This summer, I am waiting to be the starting point of your adventure at Kite Club Urla. For me, kiteboard is not just a sport but an experience where you discover yourself. ''


Gökmen Çetinkaya - Instructor

Kiteboarding Since: 2015

Licensed Instructor Since: 2016

Education: Sport Sciences

Languages: Turkish, English, Japanese


Gökmen is 22 years old and is a student Manisa Celal Bayar University studying Sports Sciences. He joined Kite Club Urla team in 2015 as an assistant instructor and developed himself to become an instructor. He enjoys spending time in the sea, and is passionate about to passing on his kiteboarding knowledge to others.


Tuğberk Yılmaz - Assistant Instructor

Kiteboarding Since: 2016

Education: Physical Education Teaching

Languages: English, HSK 1 Chinese


Between the years 2012-2014 the tower jump branches made 8 times 1've Side Turkey. I qualified for the national team athlete and participated in the Balkan Junior Jump Championship and became the 2nd.

After I started to work as the jumping branch manager in TYF, I also started to work as a jumping branch technical board member. I worked as a Technical Board Member at the World Youth Jumping Championship in Ukraine. I worked as the National Team Camp Responsible at the jumping championships in Ukraine and Croatia. I am still working as a Technical Board Member.

Apart from the jump branch, I participated in the European Inter-club Championship held in Germany in the Underwater Rugby branch in 2016.

In the same year, I met paragliding and started this sport. After dealing with many sports, I decided to start on kiteboard. It was very easy for me to decide to start this sport because I knew that the wind and surf duo together gave me the windsurf experience before. I have been going to this sport for 4 years and I can see how much I have found myself thanks to the kiteboard and how much I enjoyed doing this sport based on my experiences until now.

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