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Benefit from years of experience with the best instructors...

Establish a solid foundation successfully by learning with the safest and the most enjoyable method... All of our experienced instructors at Kite Club Urla are TSF (Turkey Sailing Federation) and IKO (Internatinal Kiteboarding Organization) certified. Our gol is to develop your level of skill to the level of being able to confidently ride in different kite spots and conditions all around the world. Slingshot Turkey and Airush Turkey partnered up with topnotch staff, to provide the best possible kite learning experience. 

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Take the first step into your kite life with the most popular option for beginners. Learn the basic knowledge and skills you need with a certified instructor. Package contents: equipment introduction and setup, wind and kite theory, first piloting, safety instruments, self rescue, down and up wind body dragging, power generation, waterstart and riding in two directions. Come with sunglasses, sunscreen and swimsuit only, all necessary equipment is included in the package.


Beginner Package

Private Course (6 hours) - 2250 TL

Group Course (9 hours) - 2250 TL *


* Group lessons are held for 2 people and pricing is per person.


Please contact us for detailed information, reservations and special offers.



You have completed your beginner level courses, learned this sport, and practiced to develop enough skills to move on to the next level with confidence. Good news, there are moves still waiting to be discovered. Pop & load, jumping, looping, old school, new school and freestyle courses are shaped according to your skill level with our experienced instructors and the fun begins on a new dimesion.



1 hour - 200 TL

4 hours - 700 TL


Advanced Course

1 hour - 450 TL

4 hours - 1500 TL


Foil Starter Pack

1 hour - 450 TL

4 hours - 1500 TL


Please contact us for detailed information, reservations and special offers.




Our rental fleet is waiting for you with a selection of latest Airush, Slingshot and Ride Engine equipment...

Enjoy windy days with the latest equipment. For your safety, we are constantly renewing our kite equipments and provide all kinds of support while you are with us. We would like to remind you that good equipment makes it significantly easier to improve your kite skill level. We have kite models and sizes for all kinds of weather conditions and rider levels, as well as twin tip and surf boards. You need to know how to ride upwind and be able to use self rescue techniques to rent. We kindly ask you to pay attention to this issue for your and other surfers' safety.

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Full Set (Board, Kite, Harness, Wetsuit)

Half Day - 300 TL

Full Day - 450 TL



Half Day - 225 TL

Full Day - 350 TL


Board (Twin Tip)

Half Day - 150 TL

Full Day - 250 TL


Board (Surf)

Half Day - 150 TL

Full Day - 200 TL



Half Day - 100 TL

Full Day - 200 TL

Half-day rental is valid for 3 hours, full-day rental is valid for 6 hours.


For damages that may occur in uninsured leases, corresponding repair fee shall be covered by the rentee rider.

Please contact us for longer period rental details, reservations and special offers.


Shed of the extra weight and enjoy the beach...

Avoid the hassle of moving equipment and use storage service. Kite Club Urla is happy to store your entire equipment set safely. Take advantage of our location on the kite beach just meters away from the sea, and stop carrying your kite around everyday. Guests who use the storage service have the chance to benefit from the other facilities of the school.

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1 Day - 100 TL


2 Days - 200 TL


3 Days - 250 TL


1 Week - 500 TL


1 Month - 1250 TL


Please contact us for reservations and extended period storage options.


Are you ready to take the hit the seas with latest equipment...

In partnership of Airush Turkey and Slingshot Turkey, Kite Club Urla offers the opportunity to try new models before everyone else. Take a test drive and choose the kite, board and harness that best suits your riding style before purchasing your own equipment set.

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Image by Angelo Pantazis



Ghost v1 - 2020

Rally GT v1 - 2020

RPM v12 - 2020

Turbine v10 - 2020

Fuel - 2020

Raptor v1 - 2020

SST v5 - 2020



One - 2020

Lithium v11 - 2020

Union v5 - 2020

Wave v9 - 2020

Razor v8 - 2020

Ultra II - 2020

Diamond v5 - 2020


Please contact us to book a test drive .




2020 Switch v10

2020 Apex v6

2020 Livewire v7

2020 Livewire Team v7

2020 Sonic v3



2020 Vision

2020 Glide

2020 Crisis

2020 Misfit

2020 Refraction

2020 Asylum


Please contact us for reservation .

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